my baby is getting so BIG!

Little Nora is really growing up fast.  Too fast for my taste, that's for sure!  Peter and I always dreamed of having a family of four, so I suppose that is something we should start thinking about! 

Today we just went to a few birthday parties and enjoyed being together.  We are all excited March has finally arrived, as this month is significant in regards to the residency and possibly getting orders.  Two large milestones will be out of the way this month for his program.  The BIG one is the written boards.  He has been studying obsessively, like a little boy studies boobies.  hehe, no really.  Every free moment, studying.  Many late nights spent studying.  So, glad to get that out of the way very soon!

Hopefully we will find out where we will be moving soon as well!  Chatter about it all has been picking up (ever so slightly) so my ears are perked and my tail is wagging awaiting to hear. 

And here are just some images from the day....practicing manual exposure and shooting in RAW on the little (big) baby.

mister space face over there....


Bryna Rodenhizer said...

PLEASE make more babies, wherever you live ;-) And let's pray the job god put us on the same continent, maybe even the same state! How awesome would that be?!

Pete 'n Stephy said...

okay, i will, ahahahahahaha. want to push them out for me though? that part is SO NOT FUN.

seriously, i would go nuts if we were in the same place. i hope that is not asking for too much!! Please Lord oh PLEASE!?

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