waiting and waiting

So we move in about 71 days (but whos counting) and we still have no idea where we are going.  Not even the slightest tiniest little clue, nothing.  No hint if we will go overseas, no hint if we will be in the northern hemisphere, no hint to anything at all!!!!

Lovely Air Force life.  It is such a joy.  Knocking the wind out of my husbands sails in this residency and then waiting until the very last minute to clue us in on where we will be living next.  So frustrated with it right now.  I wasn't raised in the military so all of this is totally crazy, unnatural and weird to me.

Normally, I would love it!  But, I'm a mom of little kids now and I have this insatiable need to start planning everything from school to bedroom layouts.  We have a lot to look forward to this year, folks!
I'm just trusting God will place us exactly where we need to be.


my baby is getting so BIG!

Little Nora is really growing up fast.  Too fast for my taste, that's for sure!  Peter and I always dreamed of having a family of four, so I suppose that is something we should start thinking about! 

Today we just went to a few birthday parties and enjoyed being together.  We are all excited March has finally arrived, as this month is significant in regards to the residency and possibly getting orders.  Two large milestones will be out of the way this month for his program.  The BIG one is the written boards.  He has been studying obsessively, like a little boy studies boobies.  hehe, no really.  Every free moment, studying.  Many late nights spent studying.  So, glad to get that out of the way very soon!

Hopefully we will find out where we will be moving soon as well!  Chatter about it all has been picking up (ever so slightly) so my ears are perked and my tail is wagging awaiting to hear. 

And here are just some images from the day....practicing manual exposure and shooting in RAW on the little (big) baby.

mister space face over there....


these kids...

I'm just so crazy about them.  Each and every one of them! 


ice cream family date

It has been a long torturous week in the V house! Little man was sick for the umpteenth time which led us to a same day appointment at the dreaded Wilford Hall (insert nightmare sounds here).  For the first time ever, allergies were considered as a factor in his perpetual winter sickness.  After a two hour wait in the Wilford Hall pharmacy (insert more nightmare sounds) we were sent home with antibiotics for a wicked ear infection and childrens allergy meds.  He is doing AMAZING now, so he must be allergic to something!  He is getting an allergy panel soon so hopefully we will have some answers soon. 

Anyway, we went out for ice cream today! Pete has been on call at the clinic so we have to savor our free moments with him over the next few days.  Last night he had a few emergency calls and had to go in. 

Ice cream with my little family is SO FUN! We go to a little mom and pop shop down the street called Sam's.  It's all fresh homemade, so you know I love it!


Just another Caturday

We are just having a little lazy Caturday around the house.  We have a few kiddos on the mend from a virus that has been passed around a few times now.  When you have kids really close together in age like we have had (all equally 21 months apart), they tend to pass germs to each other and get each other's sicknesses really easily.

I've been wondering lately if I would prefer to have all three kids sick at once for one week out of the month, or is it better that they take turns and each get individually sick in the span of an entire month.  It sure is easier if it's only one at a time, but I'm just assuming because thankfully they haven't all been sick at once....yet.  Part of me thinks it would be best if they just all get sick at once, just rip that band aid off really quick and get it over with!

I think we are going to go fly kites later today, and if that is all we do this weekend I will be a happy camper! We are trying to save money because we have this BIG MOVE coming up and they are always filled with unexpected expenses....little odds and ends really add up.  We get reimbursed for some things, but not the things that are involved with making a house a comfortable home...like toilet bowl scrubbers, kitchen scrubbers... little odds and ends I don't typically pack with me when we move.

I'm pretty sure we are still trying to financially recover from our move here (buying two cars, two phones, etc... because we were overseas) and we are about to move again, already! I can't imagine how much it will cost to go back overseas if we get orders there...we'll be as best prepared as we can if that happens though! One thing is for sure, being a stay at home mom certainly doesn't pay well!
That is why I started selling Jamberry Nail Wraps.  First off, I love the product.  Secondly, it brings in a little bit of extra income.

I mean, these nails are just awesome.  They last forever (mine typically for 2 weeks), are so perfect for people like me who have no time to leave the house without children for pampering.  Even if I did have time to leave the house alone, I would much rather be on a hike in the forest than at a salon.  I've just never been girly in that way.   Plus, if I ever do get to go hike, these nails don't chip off like polish does while I am digging around and getting dirt in my nails.  Also, I hardly wear polish polish ever since I started having babies because I'm a spaz and am always paranoid about polish accidentally chipping off and it making its way into their belly.  The world already has enough pollutants so why risk babies having more, but these are 100% NON TOXIC...and...made in America.  :)

If you want to try them, you can just order them HERE through my site! Buy three get one free, can't beat that!
Anyway, enough about that :)

So this is what we have been up to this lovely Caturday:

Printers are uh-ma-ZING...to a two year old.  Here we are printing out this week's Fresh20 Menu.

 giving lazy bones some tummy time.
  "silly mommy, i don't need to learn to crawl when you can just carry me everywhere"

 Eskimo is like "TGIC" (thank God it's Caturday)

Playroom after a successful play session.  I don't want to forget these walls where we have raised our tiny toddlers and babies.

candid shot of my little big girl...and the beautiful roses Pete brought me for our FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary yesterday.  Sabrina kept saying she wants us to get married again.  Now I'm planning in my head a vow renewal on our 7 year wedding anniversary in my head :)  Sabrina says she wants to wear a pink dress for it.  Okay Sabrina, you may!

sleeping sweet potato
 more sleeping sweet potato.  She is snuggled up with the same sleep sheep that all the kids have used.  I still remember who gave it to us, my dear sweet aunt Paula way back in 2009!! :)

I adore these tiny little hands.  I never want to forget how sweet her tiny fingers are.

and these sweet tiny toes and squishy chubby legs.  she melts me.


7 month photo update!

Life is busier than I ever dreamed possible.  Sleep is rare yet somehow everyone has energy.  It's so exciting getting to know sweet little Nora, who just turned seven months old!

She is an observer more than a baby who begs to be noticed.  Kai makes her laugh more than anything or anyone else.  This is no surprise to me though considering the kid is the cheekiest most charming little comedian I have ever met.

Nora is sitting on her own and loves to stand holding onto my hands.  She has just begun to sit around with the kids and play with toys along side of them.  She just plays with baby toys, but they all have fun together.  They all have fun together until Kai decides to play trucks on top of her head...

Everyone loves taking care of Nora, she often gets hugs coming at her from all directions, sometimes simultaneously.  Sabrina asks to help feed her, although I can't seem to get her interested in changing a diaper (bummer).  Nora is just pretty heavy (97% for weight) so it can be hard to carry her around while doing chores around the house.  I usually just look at it as a chance to exercise though.  One and two and one and two and one.....

Peter is still working his way through hell the residency.  We are still counting down the days until graduation.  I think it is just about 5 months left.  I'm hoping to win the mega millions jackpot soon so we can book a dream vacation to somewhere tropical with white sandy beaches (and daycare) to commence the end of the residency in sunny beach style.

If we don't win the jackpot, well, we can just look at google images of tropical vacation places. That's just as fun, right? :/

We still have no idea where we are going to be moving next but should be finding out sometime in the next 8 weeks.  Where will it be?


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